TT Infotechs Pvt. Ltd., a leading software solutions company, has established clear policies regarding refunds and non-refunds to ensure transparency and fairness in our business dealings. Our policies are designed to provide clarity and protect the interests of both our customers and our company.

Refund Policy:

At TT Infotechs Pvt. Ltd., we understand that circumstances may arise where a refund is warranted. We strive to handle refund requests fairly and promptly. Our refund policy is as follows:

Eligibility for Refund: Refunds are considered under specific circumstances:

  • Software Defects: If our software product is found to have critical defects or does not perform as described, a refund may be issued upon verification by our technical team.
  • Failure to Deliver Service: In cases where we are unable to provide the promised service or solution due to unforeseen circumstances on our part, a refund will be considered.
  • Duplicate Purchases: If a customer accidentally makes duplicate payments or purchases the same product/service more than once, we will refund the excess amount upon request.

Refund Request Process: To request a refund, customers must:

  •   You have 15 days to request a refund from the date you received the product or service.
  •  Once the refunds will approved customer can expect the amount with in 14 to 15 working days .  
  • Contact our customer support team within 30 days of the purchase or service delivery date.
  • Provide detailed information regarding the reason for the refund request, including any supporting evidence such as error messages or documentation.
  • Allow our team reasonable time to review and assess the request.

Refund Approval: Refunds are approved based on the merit of each individual case. Once approved:

  • Refunds will be processed using the original method of payment.
  • Customers will be notified of the refund status and expected timeline for the reimbursement.

Non-Refundable Items: Certain items are not eligible for refunds:

  • Services that have been fully rendered and utilized.
  • Customized or personalized software solutions developed specifically for a customer.
  • Products or services purchased through third-party vendors or resellers (refunds must be requested from the original vendor).

Non-Refund Policy:

To maintain the integrity of our services and protect our intellectual property, certain products and services offered by TT Infotechs Pvt. Ltd. are non-refundable. Our non-refund policy applies to the following:

Downloadable Software: Once software products are downloaded or accessed by the customer, they are considered fully utilized, and refunds will not be granted.

Subscription Services: Payments made for subscription-based services are non-refundable once the service period has commenced. Customers can cancel future renewals but will not be eligible for refunds for the current subscription period.

Consulting and Custom Development Services: Fees for consulting, training, or custom development services are non-refundable once the services have been initiated or completed, as these services are tailored to the customer's specific requirements.

Third-Party Products or Services: TT Infotechs Pvt. Ltd. may act as a reseller for certain third-party products or services. Refunds for such items must be requested directly from the original vendor or service provider.

Final Notes:

Our refund and non-refund policies are intended to provide clear guidelines for our customers while ensuring fairness and accountability in our business operations. We encourage customers to review these policies before making a purchase or engaging our services. For any questions or concerns regarding refunds, customers are welcome to contact our support team for assistance. TT Infotechs Pvt. Ltd. values our customers' satisfaction and strives to uphold the highest standards of service excellence.

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