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Intelligent Platforms

TT Infotechs user interfaces enable organizations to create interactive message experiences virtually anywhere.

TT Infotechs offers a comprehensive solution by combining flexible APIs for any digital channel, first-party customer data, and global infrastructure to support your business needs at any scale.

TT Infotechs unique solution combines a native customer data platform and native omni-channel capabilities into one powerful solution, providing businesses with a seamless and comprehensive communication experience.

With TT Infotechs, every interaction can be transformed into an opportunity to drive repeat sales and increase customer lifetime value.


Channels for a Joyful Customer Experience

We're making talks more enjoyable. At least one channel at a time.



An effective communication solution that enables businesses to reach customers instantaneously with personalized and secure text messages, increasing engagement and happiness.

Messaging for Business

Messaging for Business

Enterprise Messaging RCS A sophisticated messaging system that allows businesses to engage customers in a more engaging and personalized way by incorporating rich media and interactive features.

Bot for WhatsApp Messaging

Bot for WhatsApp Messaging

TTinfotechs provides a WhatsApp API. WhatsApp A powerful tool that enables organizations to automate and grow their communication efforts while offering their customers with a seamless and secure messaging experience via one-way and two-way interactions.

TT Infotechs  Apple Business Messaging ABM

TT Infotechs Apple Business Messaging ABM

Apple Business Messaging ABM by TT Infotechs A simple messaging platform that allows businesses to communicate with their consumers using iMessage, providing rich messaging experiences and the opportunity to execute purchases within the chat.



Tt infotechs Voice Cloud Telephony Flexible and low-cost communication system that allows organizations to make and receive phone calls over the internet, with additional capabilities such as IVR, call routing, and analytics to improve customer experience.

Whatshap  chat Business

Whatshap chat Business

TT Infotechs AI Chatbots Chat enables organizations to design and integrate chatbots into existing communication channels, allowing for automated and tailored conversations with customers 24 hours a day, seven days a week, enhancing customer engagement.



Latest at TT Infotechs

Everything you need to know about Gmail's blue tick.



To improve email security and delivery, Gmail offers the blue tick feature known as Brand Indicators for Message Identification (BIMI). Users will now see a checkmark icon for legitimate senders who have validated their domain and logo, which will help to improve brand recognition and confidence. Using BIMI can help you optimize your email marketing efforts and enhance mailbox placements.

KYC Verification

2. KYC Verification

Deep learning-based e-KYC using identity proofs is a system built by TT Infotechs that extracts textual information from given identity card photos with an accuracy of approximately 85%. Reshaping the image, edge detection, Hough lines and angle correction, text detection, and text recognition are all part of the solution, which provides a comprehensive method for accurate and efficient e-KYC operations.

WhatsApp Business can help you grow your audience and build customer relationships.

3. WhatsApp Business can help you grow your audience and build customer relationships.

With over 2.24 billion users, WhatsApp Business offers many entry points to attract consumers and create partnerships. Businesses may engage customers, improve sales, and provide seamless communication experiences by carefully positioning them on websites, social media, and other platforms. It is an opportunity to capitalize on the world's largest communication channel for business expansion.

 Improving Customer Experience and Engagement in the Banking Sector Through SMS Communication

4. Improving Customer Experience and Engagement in the Banking Sector Through SMS Communication

SMS communication is an important technique for improving customer experience in the banking industry. Banks can employ SMS for payment reminders, real-time notifications, two-factor authentication, and interactive customer care due to high adoption rates and targeted messages. TT Infotechs can assist with fraud protection and account authentication, allowing banks to provide superior customer service.

 Messaging's Future with RCS and Verified SMS

5. Messaging's Future with RCS and Verified SMS

Learn how Rich Communication Services (RCS) and Verified SMS are changing the way organizations communicate by improving security, brand awareness, and customer trust. Discover how these features may help your company, from securely sharing sensitive data to delivering rich content and increasing consumer engagement.

The SMS Psychology

6. The SMS Psychology

The SMS Psychology The SMS Psychology Marketers may utilize SMS's high open rates (98%) to increase brand loyalty and boost sales, but it's critical to develop tailored messages, streamline the purchasing process, and use abandoned cart messages to entice consumers with special offers.TT Infotechs provides dependable SMS solutions to assist businesses in getting started.


TT Infotechs APIs with scalability

TT Infotechs APIs with scalability

Smart APIs from TT Infotech enable organizations to create hyper-personal experiences for their regular operations. We guarantee message and call delivery at TT Infotechs, giving you peace of mind and assuring an amazing client experience. TT Infotechs guarantees on-time delivery, saving you money and guaranteeing that your messages and phone calls are delivered quickly and efficiently.



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